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For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

Co-Active Blog

Co-Active Blog

acknowledge your relationships

When did you last genuinely see someone? Relationships evolve us. It opens and closes hearts, uniting humans, and helping us bring out the best in one another.

effective leadership

Effective leadership comes from a mindset of service, rather than ego. Understand why the Co-Active leadership approach embraces authenticity and failure.

world class coach

On the road to becoming a world-class coach, some essential steps include receiving training and practice and carefully considering and responding to feedback.


As lives become more chaotic and demanding, the Co-Active concept becomes more necessary to foster strong bonds and communication within various communities.

Diamond and piece of coal

Every action makes a connection. Large organizations and complicated projects require a coaching culture to foster listening, creativity, and inquiry.

In Loving Memory of Art Shirk

Art Shirk advocated living each moment fully. "Comfort Is Overrated" was his blog about living with an open heart.  This blog post is dedicated to him.


As humans, we despise feeling lost and confused. So we make it a point to anticipate what the day may bring. Still, we ought to be open to new experiences.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

According to the philosophy of Co-Active leadership, there are five basic leadership styles, each of which we cycle in and out of throughout our lives and work.

Happy New Year 2017

To build a world that works for everyone, Co-Active coaches and leaders must embody it. We must open our hearts to stand steady without attachment or animosity.


Polarization drives the contemporary world. To truly advance, we must learn to disagree with one another in passionate, respectful, energetic, and civil ways.

difficult times

Everyone knows someone related to someone else they know. We can't compartmentalize our lives and keep our heads down because the world affects all of us.


We want to help people become "co-active," but what does it mean? More importantly, how does one become "co-active"? We're here to help you discover just that.


There’s always a reason to be thankful because there is worth in everything – both the good and the bad. Our decision is always to be grateful or negative.

portrait of colleagues in meeting

Good conversations take time and effort. Co-Active leaders acquire raw materials for courageous dialogues that progress a group into new and exciting territory.

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