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Let's create a new language of leadership, together!

For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 


CTI’s faculty members live in 23 countries, speak 26 languages, with some individuals speaking as many as 5 languages fluently.

Claudia Becker

Communication is a red thread through Claudia’s life. Claudia is a passionate coach, mediator and trainer with more than 20 years of experience in leading customer software project and programs in corporate business. She loves working with individuals and teams. Her style is appreciative, calm and honest. At the same time, she has the courage to challenge her...

Yara Ben Chaim

Yara has extensive experience with coaching, training and developing leadership skills, working with CEOs, Presidents, Politicians, Businesses and organizations. Her ability to coach and implement new sets of leadership skills has made her a successful change agent for many businesses. She comes from 3 different worlds as personal secretary at the Prime Minister’s...

Dori Ben-Chanoch

Mr. Dori Ben-Chanoch has been in the training & development field for the last 20 years. He has specialized in the area of Leadership Development, Executive Presence, EQ & Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Business Transformation. His unique journey has included being a member of an elite air-born unite in the armed forces where he learned the literal...

Kristen Bentley

My coaching and leadership development lives at the intersection of personal development and social change and I focus on the inner work necessary for interpersonal, collective healing, systems change and liberation. I am passionate about creating containers for the unique individual in front of me to have a safe, non-judgmental, validating space to live into the wholeness...

Don'Angelo Bivens

A self-proclaimed leadership snob, Don’Angelo Bivens is committed to understanding what drives human behavior and the innate ability to produce results that are of great importance to them. His fierce, straight-forward and compassionate presence requires that individuals lose who they think they are and have been for the sake of what’s possible. Don’Angelo...

Eileen Blumenthal

Eileen comes to coaching after careers in not-for-profit management, employment law, and higher education administration with the common thread of emboldening individuals, deepening community and advancing justice. In addition to serving as an examiner and supervisor on CTI’s Certification faculty, Eileen was Co-Director of CTI's Certification Program...

Eva Bonnevier

Eva is passionate about human growth. She’s been working with Leadership Development for more than 25 years in her own company and has experiences from a variety of industries. Her work addresses her clients’ life professionally as well as private. Eva coaches leaders to grow into fully aware, grounded and engaged leaders. She also works with coaches...

Michael Bornhorst

Michael S. Bornhorst, LICSW, CPCC, PCC Michael S. Bornhorst is an executive coach, therapist, and faculty for the Coach Training Institute. Michael supports organizations and individuals with communication and relational skills that foster authentic motivation and a deeper desire to be connected. He empowers his clients with a natural passionate leadership style that encourages...

Carlo Bos

Carlo has dedicated his last 20 years to working with leaders and teams who want to powerfully and joyfully step into the responsibility and potential of uncompromising relational leadership. As a member of CTI's Coach Training and Leadership faculty, he draws on a diverse background of experience in life and work, most recently as the Co-CEO of CTI from 2018-2023....

Annabel Bourgois

Annabel is a coach, artist, a visionary leader and free spirit. She has a Masters Degree in languages and is fluent in Dutch, French, and English. She also speaks Italian and German. Annabel lives in Belgium and works internationally with people, from U.S., Europe, and Middle East, who are committed to playing BIG in life. Annabel has been active in personal development...

Randy Brenneman

As a professional coach, trainer, and accomplished leader, Randy combines over 20 years of leadership expertise with more than 10 years of Co-Active coaching. He facilitates programs in coaching and communication skills, as well as provides one-on-one coaching to mid-level leaders and corporate executives. As a coach, Randy leverages his passion and aptitude to be a catalyst...

Marjoleine Byrne

Marjoleine is passionate about supporting leaders, teams, and organizations to thrive in complexity and evolve their leadership mindset. Her work helps people grow personally and professionally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives. One of the first coaches to integrate Co-Active with adult stage...

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