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Let's create a new language of leadership, together!

For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

In-Person and Live Online Training

Explore the benefits of each to determine which modality works for you

    In-Person Coach Training Online Coach Training
    In-Person Coach Training
    Online Coach Training
    3 days for each course
    (Fundamentals is 2 ½ days)
    We offer 3 full days or 5 half days
    (Fundamentals is 2 ½ full days or 4 half days)
    Fundamentals $1,399
    Intermediate Coach Training courses $2,099 each
    Fundamentals $1,099
    Intermediate Coach Training courses $1,899 each
    Learning environment
    Removing yourself from the distractions of your home environment and entering a physical classroom allows you to better focus on your learning. It also creates the conditions most conducive for powerful group interaction.
    Spending time with your course leaders and peers in person helps establish strong connections and shared experiences.
    New neural pathways
    Physically changing your environment and exposing yourself to new sights, sounds, and experiences helps to create new neural pathways, making you more receptive to change and growth.
    The power of people
    Those who choose Co-Active training are often people-focused. In-person learning maximizes the real human-to-human interactions that learners value most.
    Comfort and convenience
    You don’t have to leave your home or worry about the logistics of travel and accommodation.
    Focused breakouts
    When you’re working in breakouts of 2 or 3 people, you have a smooth transition and a quiet, focused virtual space for conversations.
    Online learning offers different durations of courses, including half-days.
    The course cost is lower and you don’t have to cover travel expenses.
    Family commitments
    You won’t have to spend time away from your family or worry about additional childcare or other care arrangements.
    Reduced carbon footprint
    If you’re not traveling, you’re keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.
    You will have to arrange your own travel and accommodation.
    You will need to have access to a suitable device (smartphones and tablets are not recommended).

    You will need to download the Zoom application.

    You will need a quiet location free from distractions.
      If you’re ready to book your course, view our course schedule. Have more questions? Contact our Customer Experience Team.

    *Fundamentals and Intermediate Coach Training costs are provided as examples. Please see our pricing page for full course pricing and bundles.

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