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Introducing the Co-Active Refresher Course

  • POSTED ON JUNE 04, 2024
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We’ve been delivering coach training for more than 30 years, and in that time, over 140,000 people have been introduced to the Co-Active coaching model. If there’s one thing we’ve learned through the years, it’s that people connect deeply with the model and its philosophy and want to carry it forward with them. We’ve also learned that we have a lot of people in our community who, for various reasons, want to reconnect with the model.

So, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Co-Active Refresher course for individuals who have previously completed Co-Active coach training. This course offers a unique opportunity to refresh your learning, reconnect with the Co-Active model, and once again enter the Co-Active classroom to play and create with like-minded peers.


Why the Co-Active Refresher?

We recognized that many of our Co-Active alumni have been away from the classroom for some time — years, in some cases. The course was created to provide an intensive 1-day reintroduction to the core concepts from Fundamentals through to Synergy. Participants can practice their skills and build confidence in a space where no one gets to be wrong (if you remember this rule!). Whether you’ve been away for a short while or several years, this course will help you seamlessly reintegrate into the Co-Active coaching classroom.


Preparing for Certification or Assisting

For those considering certification or joining our assistant program after a long absence, the Co-Active Refresher is the perfect preparatory step. The course is designed to enhance your skills and comfort with the material, ensuring you can succeed in certification alongside peers who have recently completed their training. This bridge course makes it easier for you to resume your journey without the need to retake the entire Co-Active coach training curriculum. In our experience, people returning from an extended absence have a difficult time with the material and spend more time playing catch-up than in deepening their learning and fully participating. For this reason, we have previously required learners who have been away from the classroom for more than 5 years to repeat coach training courses, which represents a significant time and cost investment. We know this has been a frustrating barrier for some people, and we now hope this course provides a more accessible way to revisit your learning!


Designed and Piloted in Service of Your Learning

The course was lovingly designed by Susan Carlisle, our Senior Faculty and Dean of Students. If you’ve had the pleasure of Susan leading one of your courses, you’ll know that for more than 20 years she has masterfully held the growth, playfulness, and fulfillment of participants in the classroom. As a front-of-room leader, certification program leader, supervisor, and examiner, she designed the course to revisit all of the most powerful aspects of the Co-Active model and approach. Then, in April and May 2024, Susan led 2 pilot courses to gather feedback and refine the content. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that the course delivers valuable and relevant learning experiences for those wanting to reconnect with Co-Active coaching.

“It is a fun, fast-moving, experiential class in which you reconnect to powerful questions, the model, designed alliance, levels of listening, and the principles of Fulfillment, Balance, and Process,” Susan says. “It is experiential and creative with lots of play and fun. It also reconnects you to the Co-Active community. We did two pilots, and everyone loved the coaching and being with Co-Active coaches.”


Course Schedule

To accommodate our global community, the Co-Active Refresher will run throughout 2024, covering Eastern Time (ET), Pacific Time (PT), and UK time zones. Depending on demand, we may also extend the offering to Singapore Time (SGT) after this initial roll-out. Our smaller cohort sizes, with an ideal number of 10 participants, ensure a more intimate and supportive learning environment, fostering deeper connections and peer support.


How to Register

You can register for the Co-Active Refresher course here.


We look forward to welcoming you back and supporting you on your continuing coaching journey!

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