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Happy International Coaching Week!

  • POSTED ON MAY 15, 2022
Coaching Week

We are feeling inspired by our community and ready to celebrate with you.

To officially launch our celebration of coaching week, we will be hosting an interactive 90-minute "Brilliant Conversation" designed to expand collective consciousness around the future of coaching. Join us for:

Reimagining the Future of Coaching “Brilliant Conversation”

May 16, 2022
8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET / 4:30 pm UK
Register here>> 

To whet your appetite, watch this 7-minute video of us answering the question “How is coaching helping to create a new reimagined future?” We hope everyone enjoys a rewarding coaching week celebration!

Here’s to reimagining the future together!



Carlo Bos: Happy International Coaching Week!

Carey Baker: I am Carey Baker.

Carlo Bos: And I’m Carlo Bos. We are the Co CEOs of the Co-Active Training Institute, or CTI, and we are thrilled to be lending this message to the kickoff of this really important week for our industry in the world.

Carey Baker: Yeah, and we just want to celebrate everybody who’s in the coaching community, however you’re participating. Whether you are a certified coach or you’ve experienced coaching, or are on your way to being credentialed in some way, we know that you’re a part of a much larger transformation of this world and the human relationship as a result, so we celebrate with you.

Carlo Bos: And we’ve been all of those things over the course of our lives, both starting as clients to Co-Active coaches or coaches and moving on up over time to a variety of roles — and now, contributing to the industry in the conversation in this unique way from the headquarters of CTI, being our home offices.

Carey Baker: We really love the question that is the theme that the ICF is holding this year around reimagining the future of coaching. We are sort of posing our own question to ourselves that we want to answer on how is coaching helping to create a new reimagined future.

Carlo Bos: So Carey Baker, how is coaching helping create a new reimagine future?

Carey Baker: Here’s what we’ve got: We actually think that coaching is helping to shape a new paradigm of leadership. And that kind of leadership is relational leadership.

Carlo Bos: We want to want to say a few words about each of those things. So, we’ll start with the new paradigm of leadership.

The first thing that we want to say: at CTI, we believe that everyone’s a leader. So that means as a coach you’re a leader and all of your clients are leaders — and that coaching is actually then a leader-to-leader conversation. It’s an opportunity for leaders to grow leaders in shaping and co-creating our world.

Carey Baker: That’s right. And the way we develop leadership in ourselves through those conversations is through relationship. Through relationship to self, coaching is an amazing environment and conversation to understand myself on a much deeper level.

It’s an amazing tool for navigating and engaging within relationship to others and knowing how to show up in relationship without losing yourself and really appreciate and create from the other people in your life and the dynamics and circumstances you’re in.

And it’s also a tool to engage with and meet the systems we’re all a part of and to create the systems that we’re all a part of.

Carlo Bos: So, you can feel how this notion of relational leadership goes beyond coaching, to being one of the best kinds of relationships that people can ever experience. This orientation to relationship being “self,” “other,” and “system” creates a larger canvas around which leaders, coaches, and their clients can begin to create the tapestry of their lives and be an active agent in all aspects of those relationships.

They can look to those different aspects (“self,” “other,” and “system”) to inform the learning in themselves, to inform the learning that they’re creating with others in their lives, and to inform the way in which they’re creating a world that needs a bunch of reimagining at this point in time. So that’s how important coaching is right now to creating this reimagined future across all those levels. 

Carey Baker: I mean, one of our perspectives is that we’re in a relationship crisis in our world right now. That’s really up for question, and we think that coaching actually helps really address and solve the relationship crisis that’s needed for us actually to address some of the world’s greatest problems like climate change and marginalization and oppression and economic failures and...

Carlo Bos: Healthcare crises...

Carey Baker: and education. Relationship is key to that. We really think that coaching is what’s needed to bring us back into creative, human-centric solutions.

Carlo Bos: So that’s the power of relational leadership, born of a paradigm where coaching actually is a leader-to-leader conversation.

The final thing that we wanted to touch on in this video is the headline “highest good for all.” It’s really been born out of the work that CTI has been doing over the last couple years on equity, inclusion, diversity, and what we call wholeness.

We wanted to talk about a practical part of that and then also an aspirational part of it that we are in the midst of.

Carey Baker: We know that coaching can be one of the most healing and transformational experiences, especially on an intrapersonal level (myself), on an interpersonal level ( relationship with others). 

And we also know that coaching has been pretty exclusive to a handful of identities, for whom most of our current systems are designed. 

And one of the ways that we’re reimagining our future is that coaching, and the coaching industry itself, starts to set itself up to both include more participation in coaching and to be more accessible to more people.

Carlo Bos: There’s been lots of really good work done by organizations like ICF and ACTO and some of the individual coach training organizations to introduce and take stands around equity, inclusion, and diversity. And at CTI, we’ve gone through an extensive product and curriculum audit and are now upgrading both our curriculum as well as our faculty training to ensure that our stand on equity is included.

One of the questions that we’re in, as we shift the conversation from equity to anti-oppression and marginalization, is how do those contexts and orientations play out across the world?

Because we assert they exist. Those conversations are relevant around the world, but they look, feel, sound, apply, and orient differently. So, we’re looking at how we actually activate that conversation with our global partners delivering Co-Active work around the world.

Carey Baker: Yeah, I think the point of all of that is to say we all need to be looking at how we reimagine ourselves in order to reimagine our worlds together. And we need to do it together. There’s a responsibility we have individually and a responsibility we have collectively to the conversation. Really, at the heart of coaching is the highest good for all. That’s what it wants. That’s truly what it wants

So, in the spirit of coaching and powerful questions, we leave you with a question in that vein, which is... What needs to be reimagined in you that will help reimagine the future of coaching and shape this precious life in this precious world we’re all a part of?

Carlo Bos: The system of you is the system of the world, and vice versa. So, thanks for entertaining our question. We would love, if you wanted to respond, to do so in the thread below, and we wish you all a wonderful international coaching week and much success on your coaching journey.

Carey Baker: Take care everybody.

Carlo Bos: Bye now.

Come join us in celebrating International Coaching Week Co-Actively. Register for CTI’s upcoming events today!
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Carey Baker and Carlo Bos

Carey Baker and Carlo Bos are the Co-CEO’s of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). Together they are on a mission to transform the way the world relates through the philosophy, principles and practices of Co-Active. They believe that Co-Active leadership is for everyone, and that fostering deep, integral relationship with ourselves, each other and our systems creates a world alive with wholeness, responsibility and love.   Together, they write and talk about Co-Active relationship, partnership and wholeness, as well as the incredible leadership opportunities they see existing at the intersection of legacy, strategy and equity.

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