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How to Obtain a Coaching Certification: A Comprehensive Guide

  • POSTED ON JANUARY 26, 2022
coaching certification

Anyone can call themself a coach. Though there is something pleasingly egalitarian about this, it comes with some problems. Without standards that are objective and consistent, there’s the risk that the quality of coaching as a whole could suffer. Clients could have poor experiences. Gifted coaches may miss out on opportunities because prospects have come to mistrust coaching as a whole.

This is why, for both individual coaches and the industry as a whole, obtaining a coaching certification is important. According to the 2020 ICF Global Survey, almost all coach practitioners and managers/leaders who leverage coaching skills abilities agree: coaches should be accredited. They should have taken formal coaching certification programs. Having a coaching certification enables coaches to ensure that they always put their clients’ best interests first — and that they don’t inadvertently cause harm to their clients.

Read on to understand better why getting a career coach certification is so important — and how to become a certified coach.

The Power of Certification

When it comes to all things coaching, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is widely regarded as the global center and gold standard of excellence. The ICF coaching certification is one of the key credentials used by the coaching sector to keep quality high. In the industry, ICF credential holders are members of a self-regulating community of elite coaches who hold themselves and the coaching industry accountable.

ICF members follow rigorous education and practice requirements, proving their dedication to coaching excellence. An ICF coaching certification demonstrates that you have completed the essential training to be a competent coach. The ICF guarantees that life coaches, business coaches, and executive coaches are qualified, dependable professionals who follow a stringent code of ethics by establishing standards, skills, and core competencies for a coaching certification.

Any program that is ICF accredited has been thoroughly assessed by industry professionals to ensure that it meets or exceeds the highest ICF criteria.

There are various pathways to becoming a certified coach. Many different academies, businesses, and frameworks can help people become certified. Of course, here at CTI, we are biased! Here’s why earning your certification through CTI can be so powerful.

Four Benefits of Being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Co-Active Professional Coach Training is regarded by many as the industry’s most effective professional coach training and certification program. CTI has taught over 65,000 coaches, including professionals from more than a third of the Fortune 100 businesses. For over 28 years, CTI has worked with coaches and leaders all across the world, guiding them toward healthier relationships and integrative solutions and toward making a positive difference in the world. The role of the leader-coach in businesses has been regarded as a positive player in culture change.

The CTI coaching certification program prepares prospective coaches to confidently coach anyone, on any topic, using the Co-Active Model. Co-Active Professional Coach Training has long been one of the most trusted programs, having been endorsed by industry insiders and making the list of the Best Executive Coaching Certification Programs For 2022.

Here are the four benefits of completing CTI’s coaching certification program and earning a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential.

Increased Coaching Capability

Aspiring coaches can put their skills to the test by participating in CTI’s certification program, which is a highly structured program that allows them to practice coaching techniques while being tested and receiving feedback from both their leaders and their peers. Participants receive all the assistance they require along the road, as well as the confidence to act on the information they receive from their coaches.

A significant improvement in the quality of the student’s training is achieved when this level of practice is combined with timely feedback. By the end of the program, most students will have increased their ability as a coach.

Higher Confidence Levels

Coaching certification training also includes regular discussions about coaching with confidence. This confidence is built on your belief in your own abilities as well as your belief in the coaching process as a whole. Once coaches develop confidence, they pass it on to their clientele, who can then achieve great things in their lives. Students who are confident in their craft are the ones who become great coaches.

At CTI, while trainee coaches are working within their pods and triads, they are also exposed to a wide range of topics and opportunities to put the ideas and skills they have learned to use in the real world. All of this knowledge and experience, together with their practice, naturally increases their confidence and presence as a coach. The acknowledgement and positive feedback from coaching also help students believe in their skills to make a difference.

Build and Maintain Credibility

With CTI, you will receive a professional accreditation from the program once you have completed it. As you build your coaching business, having the CPCC accreditation, which you can use in your web profiles and proposals, can help you gain greater credibility in the marketplace.

As a coaching professional, earning your certification is an additional feather in your cap. The fact that you have a certification to back up your claims that you are a professional who understands the inner workings of the coaching business will put your clients’ and prospects’ minds at ease.

Expanded Community

Coaches who finish the CTI coaching certification program will also receive lifelong support from the Co-Active community, which is a global network of coaches. CTI is the world’s largest and best-known professional coach training company, having trained more than 65,000 coaches. Our global community is something to behold!

Graduates of the program will be able to network with other coaches and members of the coaching community all over the world. Anyone interested in establishing a coaching career will benefit greatly from this network of connections and tools.

Upgrade Your Coaching Career With CPCC

The International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching certification is used in the coaching industry to endorse high-quality coaching services. A program that is ICF-accredited, such as the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach program, has been rigorously evaluated by industry professionals to ensure that it meets the highest ICF criteria.

CTI has taught thousands of coaches and worked with industries and organizations all around the world for than three decades, guiding them toward healthy connections, holistic solutions, and building a better future. After completing our coaching certification program, students will have deepened their mastery of coaching and improved their competence and presence as a coach and professional practitioner.

Contact the Co-Active Training Institute today to start your coaching certification journey!
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