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The Transformative Journey of Becoming a Life Coach

Man with arms outstretched on a hilltop at dawn, symbolizing freedom and new beginnings, akin to a life coach's journey of transformation.

My Remarkable Journey Toward Becoming a Life Coach 

In the tapestry of my life, certain threads mark the beginning of my journey to becoming a life coach. Reflecting back, 3 such threads stand out. 

Discovering Life Coaching: The Start of My Journey 

In my late 30s during the ’90s, I was navigating a life transition. My children, once the pivot of my existence, had grown into self-sufficient teenagers. Simultaneously, I was entrenched in a career with the United States Postal Service that, despite its stability, lacked fulfillment. My soul craved more — I immersed myself in personal growth and spirituality, signing up for workshops, devouring books, and journaling. 

Then I stumbled upon an article about life coaching in a magazine. Described as a profession dedicated to enhancing lives, achieving goals, and fulfillment, it also promised a lifestyle of freedom and financial wellbeing. My experience on an executive committee and in conflict resolution for the postal service had honed my ability to navigate interpersonal challenges, but the bureaucracy and petty grievances wore on me. The article ignited something within me — this was the change I yearned for. 

The Coaching Experience 

The second spark came shortly after, with the arrival of a coaching team to assist my committee. The experience of being coached was transformative. After their engagement, the positive shift in the committee’s dynamics was palpable. This experience further solidified my aspiration to pursue life coaching. 

My third revelatory moment occurred during a conversation with my acupuncturist, who mentioned her transformative experiences with a life coach from the Coaches Training Institute (now the Co-Active Training Institute). Eagerly, I enrolled in Co-Active Fundamentals, CTI’s introductory coach training course and was soon awestruck by the profound insights and the authentic connections fostered through coaching. 

Embracing the Coaching Path 

These 3 moments were mere starting points. The journey that followed was intensive, involving rigorous training and personal transformation. I engaged deeply with the Co-Active Training Institute, where my inner growth matched my professional development. The coaching skills I acquired reshaped my communication, fostering authenticity and empathy. 

However, as my journey unfolded, not all changes were met with support. Old acquaintances struggled to accept the “new” me, and my newfound clarity only accentuated the dissatisfaction with my postal service job. Yet the pull towards life coaching was irresistible. 

Guided by my coach, Phil Sandhal, and a spiritual counselor, I balanced my full-time job with the nascent stages of my coaching business. I simplified my life, securing financial stability through savvy decisions like investing in a small apartment building. 

The support of my community was indispensable — from my acupuncturist and yoga teacher promoting my services to my sister aiding with the business setup. My persistence paid off, and eventually the pieces fell into place for a full-time coaching career. 

The Fruits of Perseverance 

Since launching my business on August 16, 2001, my path has been rich and varied. From leadership training programs to interfaith ministry, from hosting radio shows to authoring books, each step has been integral to my growth. 

Certainly, the journey had its tribulations — personal losses, marketing failures, and even a divorce. Yet I was able to meet these challenges with resilience, strengthened by my training and the new connections I formed along the way. 

Now, years into this vocation, my zeal for coaching is unwavering. With each client and each session, my practice evolves. I now lead a business academy and community for coaches, where my passion for this fulfilling work continues to thrive. 

Reflecting on the Journey 

Reflecting on this odyssey, Maya Angelou’s words resonate with me: “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.” It has been a journey not defined by ease or difficulty but by richness — financially, spiritually, and relationally. 

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Laurent Vuibert

Laurent is intentionally creating the world he wants to live in with the people he loves. He is insightful, courageously provocative, and believes in challenging rules and stories to serve our creative evolution. In his coaching practice, he supports his clients to purposefully lead societal changes with integrity and audacity. Prior to coaching, he played senior roles with game-changing entrepreneurs in distribution, shipbuilding, and natural resources in Europe and Asia. French born, after three years in China, he has been living in Singapore since 2007 where he is a permanent resident with his wife and two daughters.

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