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What Makes Co-Active Training One of the World’s Best Coach Training Programs?

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Coaching programs provide a formal training ground for professionals who want to become effective and skilled coaches. It’s a crowded industry: there are many coach training programs out there, offered by a variety of institutions and individuals. But not all training programs are created equal. Accredited coach training programs offer the best development for any aspiring coach.

Why? Accredited coach training programs provide the most effective and holistic techniques and frameworks. They also offer valuable networking opportunities and resources to help future coaches advance in their careers. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredits only the best coach training programs, which must meet stringent quality and ethical standards. Aspiring coaches should always prioritize ICF-accredited schools.

Here at the Co-Active Training Institute, we are constantly evolving and refining our offerings and our techniques. The work is never done. But we’re also proud that our track record and our approach to the craft make ours one of the world’s best coach training programs.

We offer a fully ICF-accredited coaching program that provides comprehensive training, both in the classroom and through hands-on experience. Continue reading to understand the core facets of the Co-Active Training Institute coaching model and discover what makes our approach the gold standard for coach training.

We Offer a Universal Coaching Model

The Co-Active coaching model allows CTI-trained coaches to coach anyone on any topic. This flexibility is part of what makes CTI’s coach training one of the best professional coaching certification programs in the world. Our framework is based on the belief that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. By helping their clients tap into their inner wisdom, coaches help them get clear on what they want, help them identify what’s getting in their way, and help them create a roadmap to align with where they want to go.

Our model also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the coach and coachee, and the potential of this connection to help create a space for learning and growth.

Using the Co-Active coaching model, coaches learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for their clients, ask powerful questions that encourage self-reflection, and listen deeply to understand what their client is saying. These skills can help coachees to overcome challenges, reach their goals, and achieve their full potential — whatever the topic or context at hand.

We Prioritize Relationships

Our coaching philosophy and our Leadership Model both make relationships central. We assist coaches and leaders in developing a heightened sense of self-awareness, which improves their ability to recognize their impact on others. In the Co-Active dance, participants occupy a relational space in which leaders can create from each other rather than to each other.

Central to these Co-Active relationships is the fundamental skill of listening in order to connect and understand. We help coaches understand the three levels of listening and practice skills of deep listening. This helps them learn the skill of acknowledgment and properly expressing care for others.

We Offer an Experiential Learning Approach

The Co-Active coaching certification program offers aspiring coaches and leaders a transformative experiential learning approach.

Rather than focusing on abstract book learning, our trainers focus on immersive experiences that help unlock participants’ capabilities and worldviews by recruiting the entire body and experiential space.

The goal of the transformative approach is for trainees to let go of restrictive views and discover more authentic, creative, and resourceful ways of coaching. Our unique learning modality offers a proven way to expand knowledge and find answers to individual challenges. CTI helps participants to apply this transformative experiential learning approach in how they relate to and work with others.

Our Programs Are Driven by Real-Time Feedback and Guided Skill Practice

The best coach training programs provide a learning environment that gives coaches-in-training a sense of real-world coaching situations and allows them to make any necessary adjustments before actual coaching sessions.

Co-Active training offers precisely this, through guided skills practice and real-time feedback, which helps coaches identify areas for improvement and make any necessary changes to their approach. CTI also allows participants to experiment with new techniques and strategies while being supervised by an experienced coach or instructor. This enables participants to improve their skills further to ensure effective coaching for their future clients.

Our Model Has a Wide Range of Practical Applications

The Co-Active model is at the heart of one of the best coach training programs because it offers a framework for understanding human behavior and interactions in a wide range of fields and contexts, from work to relationships, and beyond.

Our model can help trainees understand why people act the way they do, and how they can change their behavior to achieve desired results. The coach’s role is to assist clients in gaining access to their inner resources and moving forward in their lives. Our training is dedicated to helping people hone these special skills.

Co-Active coaches have been trained to acknowledge others in a powerful and authentic way; they know that people see and experience the world in different ways. This means that rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, Co-Active coaches tailor their approach to each individual client. What’s more, the Co-Active model emphasizes action and results. This means that clients of CTI-trained coaches are more likely to see tangible, positive results from their coaching sessions.

Our Client-Centric Training Model

The Co-Active coaching model has also become one of the best coach training programs in the industry by training participants to put their clients first. Our model acknowledges that the client is the expert in their own life; the coach’s role is to assist them in accessing their inner wisdom and resources. This relationship-based approach fosters a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore new possibilities, take risks, and make long-term changes.

This approach provides numerous advantages. First, it aids in the development of trust and rapport between the coach and the client. Second, it instills a sense of ownership and responsibility in the client for their growth and development, resulting in a greater focus on their needs and goals. Third, it produces more long-term results by empowering clients to continue growing and developing long after the coaching relationship has ended.

Co-Active Training: The Gold Standard

The Co-Active model is widely regarded as being at the heart of one of the best coach training programs in the world because of the quality of our programs. Co-Active Training Institute programs are distinct because they address the entire person — not just their skills — helping participants become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

CTI-trained coaches are taught to assist their clients in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, developing action plans, and setting realistic goals. The coach also offers support and encouragement along the way, helping the client to stay focused and on track.

Participants not only gain all the necessary theoretical knowledge but also have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills. This hands-on approach ensures that participants are well-prepared to begin their coaching careers.

Are you ready to begin your coaching career? Get in touch with us today and let us be a part of your coaching journey!
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