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Co-Active Blog

Co-Active Blog

A person meditating outside during sunrise, embodying the serene energy and transformative potential of the coaching environment

Explore how the coaching environment shapes session dynamics and client outcomes. Unleash the transformative power of place in your coaching practice.

Charly cox talking about Climate Coaching

We speak to Co-Active coach and co-founder of the Climate Change Coaches, Charly Cox, about the emerging field of climate change coaching and how coaches can navigate this topic with their clients.

  • CTI
  • March 14, 2024
Confident leader standing in office space and embodying effective leadership

Explore 5 ways to build leadership capacity with our 5 key strategies, including reflection, building relationships, visualization, feedback, and love in leadership.


Which professional coaching framework is right for you? Learn more about common coaching models and how to choose the best model for your coaching program!

  • CTI
  • February 29, 2024

As we make our way on the journey of expanding our capacity around equity, inclusion, diversity, and wholeness (EIDW), we want to be responsible — in a continuous loop of shaping our world and being shaped by our world — and we want to close...

  • CTI
  • February 22, 2024
Professional life coach with client

Is ICF coaching certification worth it? Discover the five reasons to become a certified coach and how attaining ICF certification will set you up for success!

  • CTI
  • February 15, 2024
Enthusiastic employees engaged in a lively discussion, highlighting the importance of workplace relationships

Learn how leaders can prioritize relationships to improve employee engagement in the workplace. Dive into research-backed insights and real-life examples.

A brightly lit lightbulb hangs over a group of focused professionals, symbolizing relational leadership in the workplace.

Learn how coaching leadership fosters resilience and growth in the workplace. Empower HR leaders to create a culture of empathy and self-care for thriving teams.

strategic business planning, empowered team working, business strategy meeting

Learn how CTI champions operational excellence in 2024 with strategies for team empowerment, efficient processes, and enhanced customer experience.

Joey Ra

We spoke with CTI alumni, Joey Ra, on the power in pursuing - or pausing - purpose. As a transformation coach, he is devoted to helping others align with their purpose, guiding them to connect authentically with themselves and harness their sensitivity...

  • CTI
  • January 18, 2024

Learn how to overcome the seasonal lulls in coaching with these essential business hacks. Discover smart money management, mindset shifts, and more.

  • CTI
  • January 10, 2024
Sweeping up leaves for compost

Head of Design and Development Jaron Vesely shares their reflections on endings and beginnings, loss and gain, and how to be present with the things in our lives that are ending.

A woman high-fives a colleague, exemplifying the joy and confidence derived from a culture of empowerment and leadership success.

Discover how empowerment shapes effective leaders and fosters resilience. Read a personal story illustrating the lasting impact of self-advocacy.

 Colleagues reflecting on lessons, transformations, and trust they developed in their professional coaching journey

Explore transformative Co-active coaching lessons, audacity, and the power of trust. Enhance your coaching journey with valuable insights and resources.

engaged employees in conversation

Discover how flexibility, teachability, and a focus on actionable behaviors can elevate your leadership skills and foster stronger team relationships.

  • CTI
  • November 29, 2023
Kayaker in river

Hear from Head of Design and Development Jaron Vesely about the chaos of our time and what is meant by "antifragility."

Woman reading eBook on her tablet

Explore the highlights of our eBook on coaching and leadership and discover why coaching is a must-have skill for today's leaders.

  • CTI
  • November 17, 2023
Sun over prison walls

Watch our interview with Eric Kohner and Anne Grete Mazziotta about how Co-Active has a positive impact for imprisoned residents.

  • CTI
  • November 17, 2023
Man with arms outstretched on a hilltop at dawn, symbolizing freedom and new beginnings, akin to a life coach

Discover the transformative journey of a postal worker turned Co-Active life coach, and how embracing change led to a fulfilling new career and life.

How To Identify High-Potential Employees

Discover how to identify and nurture high-potential employees in your organization. This guide covers key traits to look for, the importance of feedback, and more.

engaged employees in conversation

Learn how leaders can prioritize relationships to improve employee engagement in the workplace. Dive into research-backed insights and real-life examples.

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