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Being Fully Responsible but Not in Control

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At CTI, the definition of a Co-Active leader is: “One* who is responsible for their world.” (*Psssst! EveryONE is a leader…. You know what that means? Everyone is responsible for their  »  Read More

Failure of Institutional Leadership Inspires New Wave of Individual Leadership

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Sadly, many of our institutions are failing to deliver on their promise. Government, education, and health care typically receive low satisfaction ratings. In fact, over the past 25 years, the  »  Read More

What Is your Theme for 2017?

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What is it about the New Year that fills us with hope and possibility? In reality, the start of a new calendar year is an arbitrary line in the sand that allows us to mark the passage of time in an  »  Read More

The Art of Appreciation


I’ve recently been experimenting with appreciative inquiry at work and have been struck by how complimentary it is with co-active coaching and my ongoing search for a form of leadership that can  »  Read More

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