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CTI Newsletter: Co-Active Global News – Autumn 2011

Letter from the Co-founder

Hello Everyone:

Wow. . .it’s difficult to believe that December is already here. It’s seems like it only yesterday it was January 1 and the New Year lay shining before me.

It’s been a year filled with new awareness, growth and transformation. In February we held our first Global Co-Active Summit in Marco Island Florida and over the course of the year, we’ve been very busy revising and updating our Co-Active Model and CTI’s Core Curriculum.

Over the past few months, Henry and I have been traveling through North America to engage with our larger Co-Active Community around these shifts and we’ll be continuing our tour through the first part of 2012. Click here for a schedule of events.

Winter 2011

Letter from the Co-founder
Co-Active Network News
Local Summit in israel
european co-active coaching community thrives
Planning for Next global co-active summit
going, going, almost gone
Five ways to access curriculum updates
taking a collective break
About Co-Active Global News

It has been so fulfilling to be with our Co-Active Community in these one day events, to connect with old friends and meet new ones and to talk together about the newest evolution of The Co-Active Model. It’s great to be able to “touch skin” with folks I haven’t seen for a while and lovely to make new friends as well.

What was MOST satisfying, however, was the quality of the conversation. In my current spiritual practice, there is a term—brilliant conversation. This term does not define conversations that are smart and clever but rather a quality of conversation that shines with the brilliance of a diamond.

minneapolis event photoYou have likely had conversations like that. Rich and satisfying, fulfilling far beyond intellectual constructs and understanding. I liken brilliant conversations to savoring a really nourishing and delicious meal—at the end of the experience, I am both fulfilled and filled full. YUM! In a brilliant conversation, there is not a particular destination and, while learning and transformation occur, they are byproducts of a particular way of being with each other. Open. Curious. Loving. Flexible. Strong. Clear. Co-Active.

What a gift to have been able to have so many full days of brilliant conversation. . .in Los Angeles, San Rafael, Toronto, Minneapolis and Chicago! And how exciting to know that there are more of these events coming!

What a pleasure to talk and work with such smart, loving and creative people! I came away from each of these one day events not only nourished but expanded. My understanding of what is unfolding in our work grows with each one day event.

I hope I will get to see you in person soon! Thank you for being such an important part of the vision of Co-Active unfolding in the world.

Lots of love,

Karen Kimsey-House
CEO and Co-founder


co-active network news

It’s a New Year, What’s New About You
This season is all about celebration and looking forward which makes it the perfect time to update your Co-Active Network member profile. How have you grown and changed? Tell us in your profile. Have you accomplished anything recently that would enhance your bio? Update your progress through CTI curriculum. Have you changed your clientele focus? Are you a new CPCC? Brag a bit and update your credentials list. Have you changed your fee range? Get the word out. Oh, and ask someone to take your photo so that you can add your lovely face to your profile. Come on! You know you want to!

It is very easy to edit your profile. Simply go to and log in using your email address and password. Then click the ‘Edit Profile’ link near the top of the green box at the left edge of the screen. Make any changes you need then click the “Save Profile” button. Don’t forget that last step because if you don’t click the “Save Profile” button, your changes will be lost.

Let me know if there is something on the Co-Active Network you’d like to learn more about.
Marcia Norris, Co-active Network Liaison


Upcoming Main Community Events:

Tuesday January 17, 2012 - 9:30 am PST / 12:30 pm EST / 17:30 GMT
For most newer coaches, trying to describe coaching is usually a fruitless exercise. However, a powerful experience of coaching, focused on an important change, challenge or goal, can often turn a skeptical prospect into a happy and enthusiastic client. Join ICF Master Coach Steve Mitten, President of, for an informative and inspirational hour exploring some of the most effect early stage marketing strategies - to help you get your first 20 clients. Free

Monday February 6, 2012 - noon PST / 3:00 pm EST / 20:00 GMT
Specifically tailored to the coaching profession, this teleclass will teach you ways of selling your coaching services that are simple, straightforward, easy-to-learn and firmly grounded in the Co-Active principles that you are already using. Learn how to spend the least amount of effort in prospecting to get the maximum result. Leaders David and Marla Skibbins of My Full Practice are experienced sales trainers who are also Master Coaches and Certified Professional Co-active Coaches. Free

If you have questions on a Co-Active Network technical issue or comments on other Network topics, please email



local summit in israel

By Abi Shilon

I wanted to share with you impressions from Tuesday November 1st (11/1/11) when we held an Israeli CTI community event we called the first Israeli Co-Active Summit.

israel circle photoMore than 80 people participated out of a community of about 600 Co-Active graduates. All Israeli front of the room leaders, supervisors, and local office staff attended.

The stake for the day was “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” and the leading metaphor was the flight of the wild geese. We wanted to evoke pride in the community we are part of and to create a word of mouth buzz in the large community of potential participants.

We had a full 9am-7pm program of group activities. The day started with a full room drumming improvisation activity and the day ended with a festive ball with candles, waitresses serving wine, cake and fruit, and participants mingling and acknowledging each other and the community. A trio played classical live music in the background.

Several activities of the day:

  • Israeli faculty members explained the new Co-Active cornerstones to all participants.
  • participants shared their unique application of Co-Active coaching such as large organizations, health and wellness, feng shui design, self-marketing, NLP and others.
  • 8 parallel sessions of groups sharing dreams and working Co-Actively to find a common expression for the group’s dream.
  • Deep democracy process for all 80 attendees led by 2 CTI leaders.

People shared with us their experience at the end both orally and in writing on large flip charts. Indeed our goal was achieved: there was a sense of pride of belonging to a wonderful home community and wanting more toward 12/12/12.

To get a feel for the experience at CTI Israel’s event view our photo album and video highlights.



European co-active coaching community thrives

by Kyle Newman

On 21st October, the European Co-Active Coaching Community (ECCC) ran its 16th coaching community event in London, UK. Over 70 Co-Active Coaches from across Europe gathered for a day of learning, connection and inspiration. Organised by a team of volunteers, the event included workshops from some our own Co-Active Talent, Lori Shook and Isabel Mortimer, along with guest speaker Nick Kitchen, who delivered a workshop on Somatic Body Coaching.

community day in londonThe theme for the October 2011 event was ‘The Journey’ an unfolding story of self-discovery and a reconnection back with the essence of Co-Activity and the unlimited possibilities for human potential. The attendees were taken on a journey throughout the day’s sessions to help them become more fully present, powerful and embody their most magnificent selves when they coach. The sessions included: Getting back to roots – deepening the essence of the Co-Active Model; Behind the Masks – exploring the roles we play in life; Somatic Bodywork – A coaching tool to read subtle body language cues moment by moment; and Stay Awake…courageous or tentative – what kind of coach will you choose to be?

Following on from these impactful sessions, the day culminated with many of the attendees continuing their discussions and sharing their learning over drinks and food next door to the venue at a little English pub, ‘The Black Dog’.

The ECCC has been running events for 8 years but in October event community co-founders Kyle Newman and Antony Parry were able to make some exciting announcements about future developments for the ECCC. These included a change in mission statement to mirror CTI: ‘creating transformative change in the world’, the expansion of the community day events to other European cities, and a new annual Co-Active Business Development Event to help coaches build thriving and sustainable businesses using a Co-Active approach. The first business development event will take place in London on 3rd February 2012.

Photos from previous events, booking information for upcoming events, and further details about the ECCC can all be found at:



planning for next global co-active summit

Since February of this year we’ve heard the same question over and over: When is the next Co-Active Summit? We know that many of you were not able to attend the first Summit because you had a date conflict--so for now, we just want to let you know that it’s coming so that you can hold space in your calendar.

There’s a lot of planning and scheduling left to do, but we’ve set our sights on late April or early May of 2014. Yep, 2014. It seems like a long way off but it will be here before you know it.

Why so far away? The Co-Active Summit is important to our community and its development. We want to be sure that we stand on the shoulders of our first experience. It’s imperative that the Co-Active Summit evolves and grows each time we hold it.

We’ll announce more specific details in the March 2012 issue of Co-Active Global News. Thank you to the hundreds of people who asked ‘when.’ Thank you for your excitement and enthusiasm. Karen and Henry want you to know they can’t wait to see you there!



going, going, almost gone

The 2011 Global Co-Active Summit program highlights DVD North America version has sold out. Supplies of the SD PAL (Europe) format are dwindling.

Would you like to (re)experience the opening and closing ceremonies with Karen and Henry Kimsey-House and the keynote speeches of Kevin Cashman and Lynne Twist?

If you can use the SD PAL version, the cost is just $12.00 USD plus shipping. The SD PAL (Europe) DVD ships from the UK, minimizing your shipping cost. Click here to buy.

This DVD gives everyone a common touchpoint as we stand shoulder to shoulder in our commitment to creating a new dream for our Co-Active world.



five ways to access curriculum updates

In September, CTI began to rollout some important revisions to the Co-Active Model and the Co-Active Coaching Core Curriculum in our courses. To help our alumni stay current, CTI created several ways to interact with the new material to give you ample opportunity and options to fully absorb the concepts.

1. Bridging Content
We have created free Bridging Content online for you to review immediately that will point out where the differences are between the updated course and your previous classroom experience. Changes are highlighted course-by-course with descriptions and explanations of any new content. This resource includes the updated Co-Active Model with a full explanation of what it means and how to use it, as well as improved coaching tools and skills. Click here to begin.

Enter coactive in both the Email address and Password fields of the sign-in box. You will then be given the opportunity to create a unique login for yourself so you may review the material again and again.

2. Webinar: Meet the New Co-Active Model with Karen and Henry
Karen and Henry Kimsey-House conducted a free webinar in October 2011 to discuss changes to the Co-Active Model and Core Curriculum. Click here to access the recording.

3. Co-Active Coaching, Third Edition Book
The third edition of Co-Active Coaching features an array of new material including an in-depth look at the newly updated Co-Active Model in Chapter 1. Other concepts that have been incorporated into the redesigned curriculum are sprinkled throughout the book. Co-Active Coaching is available in print and electronic versions from Amazon US, Amazon’s international sites, as well as other booksellers.

4. 50% Off Courses
Individuals who have completed the five course Core Curriculum prior to the redesign may repeat any or all courses at 50% off a la carte pricing. This offer includes the significantly redesigned course ‘Synergy.’ There will, however, be a limit of five repeating participants in any specific class so that the quality of experience, discovery and learning may be maintained for all. Contact your local Co-Active training provider for course dates and availability.

2. One-day Workshop Series: Meet the New Co-Active Model
Imagine immersing yourself in new Co-Active material for an entire day with CTI’s founders Karen and Henry Kimsey-House to guide you. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn, grow and share time with other Co-Active learners in your community. Did we mention the leaders are Karen and Henry Kimsey-House? Register today.

During the workshop you will be working extensively with the updated cornerstones. You will be introduced to Captain and Crew and other new tools for transformative coaching as well as Co-Active Strategy from Balance. Sessions will touch on the being/doing of Co-Active and the concept of Synergy.

Workshop Schedule:
March 1, 2012 – Calgary, AB
March 3, 2012 – Vancouver, BC
March 16, 2012 – New York, NY
March 17, 2012 – Boston, MA
March 23, 2012 – Washington, DC
March 24, 2012 – Atlanta, GA



Taking a collective Break

The CTI offices in San Rafael, US and London, UK will be closed from noon local time on Friday December 23, 2011 through Monday January 2, 2012. The offices will re-open for business on Tuesday January 3, 2012. This break gives our staff time to celebrate, relax, rejuvenate, and spend quality time with family and friends. We hope you’ll join us and take time out for yourself.

If you choose to leave a voicemail or send email to staff while we are away, just know we will get to everyone in turn after we return on January 3, 2012.

Offices in other geographic locations may also be altering office hours during the holiday season. Keep this in mind if you are trying to connect with someone in the organization.



About Co-Active Global News

Co-Active Global News is a quarterly publication of CTI with delivery in mid-month of March, June, September, and December. If you have comments or questions about content, please send them to Marcia Norris, Director of Marketing Communications at

We invite story ideas or submissions and are particularly interested in first-person reports on local Co-Active community activities or ways alumni are applying the Co-Active Way in the world. Submissions are due to no later than the first of the month of publication but are welcome any time. Word limit is 400 words and submissions are published at CTI’s discretion depending on space.

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