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The Art of Paying Attention Without Prejudice

Antony Parry  |  Nov 08, 2017
Cute little hiker girl looking with binoculars at sunset.Image is intentionally with grain and toned.

Curiosity opens our hearts and makes us wiser Let me invite you to try a little thought experiment. Here are a few words, just marks on paper, bits and bytes on screens. Here we go: the Las Vegas shootings, Brexit, Catalonian independence, North Korea. Had enough, already? I can hear shutters  »

The Lonely Leader

Joshua Ramey-Renk  |  Oct 11, 2017
Woman in he office looking out the window.

Congratulations, Coach! Your client made it! They got that promotion! (Or won that election, maybe?). And yet… now… they seem uncertain. “I was lucky,” they tell you. They were in the right place at the right time, and it might all come tumbling down tomorrow when people discover that they  »


Henry Kimsey-House  |  Aug 30, 2017
family vacations on  the beach

Why? It’s a great question. And it’s having a revival here at CTI. In the early days of coaching, we tended to stay away from questions beginning with “why” because they tended to evoke excuses, analysis and limiting stories. So we focused instead on questions that began with “what,”  »

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