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I Hear Voices and Admit It… So Do You!

Nina Segura  |  Apr 26, 2017
Collection of black and white business man silhouettes, crowd, vector, illustration
When I was about seventeen, my friend Donna and I decided to travel to the cornerstone musical festival in Chicago.  I was complaining about something or other, like any happy teenager often does (sarcasm).  Donna listened quietly, and as she gently rolled down her window, said, “Nina  »

Taking It Outside

Zoe Greenwood  |  Apr 19, 2017
Businesswoman sitting in park working on laptop, sunny summer da

January isn’t the ideal time for resolutions. After all, it’s dark and cold (in the U.K. at least) and really I just want to snuggle down in an armchair with a hot chocolate and forget about my expired gym membership. Easter time, however, is a different matter — the smell of spring is in the  »

The Paradox of Resistance

Henry Kimsey-House  |  Apr 12, 2017
Different armchair

Oh, how I love paradox. This wonderful insistence that things are not always “this OR that” — instead, they become “this AND that.” This opens us up to the simple truth and complex mystery of life. It demands that we grow our consciousness to be able to move beyond our set understandings  »

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