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How Becoming a Co-Active Coach Creates Integration in the Brain…. And Why This Matters

Ann Betz  |  Jul 27, 2016

I’ve been a Co-Active coach for sixteen years now, and one of the things I love most about this profession is how it grows and changes its practitioners—generally for the better. Some of this change comes from being coached ourselves as part of the process, some of it comes from the other  »

The Power of “Being With” Our Full Range of Emotional Experiences

Regina Hellinger  |  Jul 05, 2016

Sometimes the simplest acts can have the most profound impact. At a recent CTI coach training, one of our leaders urged the group to resist offering a tissue to someone who was crying. She explained that, even though this gesture comes from a place of compassion within us, there is a hidden message  »

Championing the Coach

Karen Kimsey-House  |  Jun 18, 2016

by Karen Kimsey-House, CEO & Co-founder, CTI Several years ago, Henry and I spent a week traveling delivering one-day courses on new developments in the Co-Active Model. During our trip, a very interesting thing started to happen. At each location, people would come over to introduce  »

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