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Learning to Disagree Effectively

Karen Kimsey-House  |  Mar 22, 2017
Businesspeople arguing in meeting

There’s a potent divisiveness in our world today. I feel it most keenly here at home in the battle for power in our not-so-United States. And as populism takes hold, divisiveness and division is spreading across the globe. For me, the most disturbing aspect of our recent election cycle here in  »

Being Fully Responsible but Not in Control

Sam House  |  Mar 15, 2017
Hands holding the world on green grass background.

At CTI, the definition of a Co-Active leader is: “One* who is responsible for their world.” (*Psssst! EveryONE is a leader…. You know what that means? Everyone is responsible for their world.) I’ve spent a good part of my adult life UN-learning the role in my family in which I was “the  »

Who Is on Your Crew? (And Why You Need One!)

Nina Segura  |  Mar 08, 2017
Tanker ship and Oil Platform on offshore area at sunset.

Let’s go way, way back in time for a moment. Think about how a ship in the 18th century operated. Both the captain and the crew had one common goal: smooth sailing! The crew relied on the captain to operate skillfully and make good decisions, and the captain relied on the crew to fulfill their  »

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