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Leader in Front: Tom Brokaw

Henry Kimsey-House  |  Jul 20, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.59.03 PM 1

Part of thought leadership is sharing your thoughts with the world and pointing the conversation to where you think others should be looking. That’s why I try to post regularly to our CTI social media feeds. This month, I was struggling to write a blog post. I was searching for a topic to latch  »

Learning the Power of Silence

Joshua Ramey-Renk  |  Jul 12, 2017
Doctor In Consultation With Depressed Female Patient

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on and grow my comfort level with a skill that is much, much harder to manifest than it should be, at least for me. The importance of not talking, of deliberately letting quiet hold sway, manifested in my life in unexpected ways that ultimately have  »

How Leaders Build Trust

Karen Kimsey-House  |  Jul 06, 2017
portrait of colleagues in meeting

Organizational leaders tend to believe that people will trust them more if they are always certain and clear with ready solutions for difficult problems. In reality, the opposite is true. When the courage to risk failure and the transparency of owning mistakes is balanced with a clear commitment to  »

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